Labrador puppies in Wisconsin
from Thunder Labradors LLC,
"Where dogs are family"

State of WI Licensed


A) Twink X Sam               DOB: 2-7-24
     1 black male  

B) Luna X Sam                DOB: 2-18-24
     1 black Female

C) Silk X Sam                  DOB: 3-7-24
     2 black males

D) Sunny x Sam               DOB: 3-16-24

     1 choc female

E) Lauren X Bomm          DOB: 3-23-24
     2 yellow males

F) Everlee x Sam             DOB:3-31-24

     3 black males, 1 black females, 1 choc males, 1 choc female 

G) Stevie X Sam              DOB: 4-11-24
     3 black males

H) Copay X Sam              DOB: 4-19-24
     4 choc femails, 2 choc males

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Thunder Labradors or see our

Our dogs come from primarily American field lines. A couple dogs have a small mix of English show lines in their pedigree, a couple generations back.

We are looking for families to volunteer time with their kids to come here and help us socialize Thunder Labrador puppies. No pay, except for the look on your kids' faces and the photos/memories you get.
Appointment required.
2pm to 5pm is not available.
Call 608-212-7799.


         Thank you military Veterans, law enforcement and first responders. Claim your 100 dollar discount on a Thunder Labrador puppy. Our way to say THANK YOU for your service!! Must bring appropriate ID to receive discount. Because of you, we get to raise Lab puppies for a living in the greatest country that has ever existed.
Thank you also to those people
who stepped up to the plate
and adopted all of the
Moonlighter Labs!!!  We placed the last dog on November 4, 2020.


         Puppy selections go in the order of deposits received by Thunder Labradors.

Deposit checks (700) payable to Thunder Labradors and mailed to
W9167 State Road 106, Busseyville,  WI,  53534.

Specify sex and color and include your phone number. See the HOW TO BUY PAGE.


         Puppies available now and soon:

Now accepting deposits of 700 to secure a pick for our litters. Picks go in the order of deposits received.

Buy a Thunder Labrador and see why we get so many repeat customers and referrals.

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Thunder Labradors has negotiated a 10 % discount on the puppy/dog supplement, Fidovite.

All Thunder Labrador puppies go home with a five pound bag of Fidovite to sprinkle on puppy's food. We request that you buy one or two more five pound bags, as needed, while your puppy is going through the rapid growth phase. If your finances allow, supplement for life to aid in a lifetime of good health. Go to

and enter your 10 percent discount code which is TL

Thank you for taking the extra steps and for making the extra financial investment in your puppy's good health.

We have "Breeder of Merit" status
with the American Kennel Club


         Our dogs come from primarily American Field Trial lines vs. the English Show lines. See our PEDIGREE page.


         All Thunder Labrador puppies come with a 12 way Health Guarantee, a Health Record  and a Vet Health Certificate        

         All Thunder Labrador puppies are raised on the premises under control of Thunder Labradors.        

         No Thunder Labradors are sold for
breeding purposes

         Welcome to our Thunder Labrador LLC website.

We do extensive DNA testing along with radiographs to guarantee your Labrador puppy's health.  Our bloodlines consist of primarily American field dogs. Some of our pedigrees have a small mix of English show champions in the line.


1) We offer a 12-way Health Guarantee on all Thunder Labradors. Compare us to others. Hip, Eye, Elbow, Heart, Shoulder, EIC, CNM, PRA, DM, CY, HNPK and HUU Guarantee on all Thunder Labrador puppies. There is a table below that tells you what all these acronyms mean. You want none of them.

2) We offer superior pedigrees. We believe everything begins and ends with pedigree. ALL of our puppies are the grandsons and granddaughters of a Field Champion (FC), a National Field Champion (NAFC) or a Master Hunter (MH). Most of our stud dogs are titled (JH) too. That is how you get a smart, trainable puppy. Excellent companion/family dogs. Most of our pups never see the field at their forever homes. But, with training, these dogs will hunt or hunt test. Tell us what you want to do with your dog and we will steer you in the right direction.

3) Our socialization program is second to none. Equally as important as a pup's ancestry, is the socialization he or she receives.  All of our puppies go through an Early Neurological Stimulation Program. (ENS) that starts at 3 days old.  A bio-sensor program used to increase the pups' performance later in life. Puppies going through this program were found better able as adults to cope with stressful situations, problem solve and were physically healthier with higher cardiovascular performance, stronger immune systems, adrenal glands and heart beats. See our Testimonial Page and see what past customers have said about our Labrador pups. Our program allows for socialization and motor skill development. Pups are handled daily.

4) Experience. We have over 25 years experience socializing puppies and fulfilling customer needs. The tail works on all our puppies. See our TESTIMONIAL page.

5) Our puppies and dogs enjoy a clean, stress-free environment. One poop in the kennel is too many. Consistent temperatures with in-floor heat and Air Conditioning. Consistent dog and human interaction too.

6) We start the crate conditioning.

7) We offer free phone consultations for life. Great for first time puppy owners.

8) We offer a limited space 3-week puppy training program for those that don't have the time or expertise to train a puppy right. It's not cheap but it's money well-spent. When you pick up your puppy he/she will go to the door and ring a bell to go outside and go potty. House trained, Crate trained, Leash training started. 675 per week. Payable at the end of training.

You may visit any time with an appointment. We take photos for the website as time allows. You are welcome to make a field trip and bring your camera. Please step on our sanitation mat before you enter the kennel. Most dams and sires are on site. Most customers live within a couple hours from us so feel free to visit and take all the photos you wish. Appointment required.

Have you seen our TESTIMONIAL page? A link is above left and at the bottom of this page.

Because we love our dogs:

State of Wisconsin Inspected and Licensed
AKC Inspected and Approved
All litters are AKC Registered, Full Registration

We offer a Hip, Eye, Elbow, Shoulder, Heart, CNM, EIC, PRA, DM, CY, HNPK, and HUU Guarantee on all Thunder Labradors.

All our studs are TESTED CLEAR of:

Cystinuria (CY) is an inherited autosomal recessive disorder and is characterized by the formation of cystine stones in the kidney, ureter, and bladder.

PRA-prcd (PRA) is inherited as an autosomal recessive disease. Degeneration of both rod and cone photoreceptor cells of the retina of PRA-prcd affected dogs usually occurs 3 to 5 years of age or later.

Hereditary Nasal Parakeratosis (HNPK) is an inherited autosomal recessive disorder. Affected dogs begin showing clinical signs around six to twelve months of age. They develop dry, rough crusts on the tip of the nose. In extreme cases, the nose will crack causing severe discomfort.

Dogs clinically affected by inherited Exercise Induced Collapse (EIC) will often begin to exhibit leg weakness followed by a complete collapse after just 5 to 15 minutes of strenuous activity.

Canine Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) is a devastating inherited degenerative disease of the spinal cord that can progress rapidly and cause weakness in the hind limbs and eventually paraplegia among genotypically affected dogs.

Centronuclear Myopathy (CNM) is an inherited autosomal recessive disorder. Affected pups start with significant weight loss at just a few weeks of age. Within a few months, there is a loss of tendon reflexes, awkward gait and exercise intolerance.

Hyperuricosuria, (HUU), or elevated uric acid level in the urine, is inherited as an autosomal recessive disorder and is characterized by the formation of bladder stones and occasional kidney stones.

Due to our DNA testing, you can purchase a Thunder Labrador puppy with confidence, knowing there is no way genetically possible for you to buy a pup that is AFFECTED by any of these genetic disorders. Compare our testing to other Lab breeders. We believe we offer more health guarantees, for more disorders, than any breeder in the state, possibly the entire USA.

Visitors welcome, just make an appointment. It is a requirement that we are the only kennel you visit on the day you visit us. Please step on our sanitation foot pads before entering the kennel.

Please take time to visit our TESTIMONIAL page. There are links to it in the upper left corner and at the bottom of every page. The very first testimonial is from the Wisconsin State Inspector.

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We also offer FREE phone consultations for the life of your Thunder Labrador. This is helpful for first-time puppy owners.

References are available upon request.
See our TESTIMONIAL page to see what customers have said.


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